We are collaborating on UAS and UAV controllers with Flight Dynamics Lab. of Kyushu University.
Xenocross ia a member of Japan UAV Association (JUAV).
XenoPPG[XENO Powered ParaGlider]
Easy to handle, Safe, Low cost!!

Xeno PPG UAV Demo Movie(5MB, WMV file)
Xeno PPG UAV Demo Movie(2MB, WMV file
XENO PGG is a Powered ParaGlider-type UAV controlled by the AP-CUB!
You can fly XENO PGG on the day of delivery.
Suitable for Aerial Photo and Filming!


All items requied for the operation is included! *
Easy, Safe, and Low Cost operation compared to fix-wing UAVs.
Suitable for Aerial Photo and Filming due to its low speed.
Operation Training Courseis available.
You can fully use the function of the AP-CUB.

* Gas and lap-top have to be prepared by the customers.


Model Xeno PPG
Dimensions ParaGlider : 2000x700mm
Payload : W500xL800xH600mm
Weight 3.6kg
Cruising Speed 40km/h
Engine 15cc Gasoline 4-cycle
Fuel Gas-Oil mix
Fuel Capacity : 700cc
Endurance 1 to 1.5hrs(depending on the payload weight)
Range 40 to 60km(depending on the payload weight)
System Vehicle System(Engine, AP-CUB, Modem,RC Transmitter, RC Receiver, Batteries)
Ground Station Modem, Ground Station Software "PolarStar", Battery Charger
"Operation Training Course" is strongly recommended.
* Specifications and appearance may change without notice for the improvement of the product.


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Software for setting and monitoring the flight status
Easy waypoint setting by clicking points on a map(Maximum 100 waypoints).
Easy servo limit setting using GUI interface.
You can change waypoints even after take-off.
You can monitor flight speed, altitude, position, battery level, etc.
Flight data can be logged to a file.
You can adjust control parameters evne during flight.
You can deploy parachute from both PolarStar and RC transmitter.


Obey all the regulations and laws in your country.
Xenocross Inc. are not liable for all accidents, damages, and losses using AP-CUB.

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